Secretariat à Domicile / Personal Secretary Services

One of the most difficult parts of being in the Legion isn't necessarily the Legion! Managing bank accounts, paying bills on time, responding to phone calls, even just knowing how to write a letter in French to ask for a medical reimbursement can be a very frustrating experience.

What many legionnaires need is an on call secretary, just a phone call or text message away. This is where my experience with the French legal, financial, military, and social security system can help. If you need help for a one time service, like filing taxes, or you are going on operation and you need an on call phone service for 4-5 months, my services are available.

Please contact me at for a free consultation and we can assess your needs and how I can be of service!

Rangement dossiers ~ filing & preservation critical documents
Déclaration Impots / taxe habitation ~ Tax filing / Renter's tax
Paiement factures ~ Paying electric / water / phone bills
Suivi dossiers préfectures, famille, caf, sécu sociale, applications passeports ~ Follow up on family, medical, passport dossiers
Remboursements travail ~ Work reimbursements
Réservations voyage / vacances / visas ~ Travel / vacation / visa reservations
Permanence téléphonique & boîte aux lettres pendant séjour OPEX/OPIN ~ On call secretary / mail service during operations
Assurances - suivi remboursements / Follow up on insurance reimbursements
Soutien familiale (cherche logement, voitures, locations) ~ Family Support (housing & vehicle searches)