This is the best site I've found (in English & French) for bus AND train timetables, year round, on Corse.

Corsica Ferries is the least expensive ferry on Corse. They also speak English and Italian on the boat and by telephone. ~ Ferry to Corsica.

If you use SNCM, be sure to purchase your tickets online as they are typically 60-75% off the price. If you buy their tickets at the counter, you will pay much more, over double the price in my experience. Also, be aware that they do strike (la grevé) so be sure to check the day before your departure that your boat will actually be in service.  ~ Train Tickets in France

This is the most user friendly site I've found for researching and buying train tickets in France. They have an IPhone App which is perfect while traveling! ~ Flights, Hotels, Vacations

This the best and least expensive site I have found for purchasing international flights to and from France. Please note that flying to Calvi is typically the most expensive method of travel. I have not used this site for hotels or vacations so I cannot recommend for those services.

Here is a great site I just found! There are probably 100 different formats for writing letters in French! Very helpful, as I am writing a request for a refund right now!

Laws regarding Dangerous Animals in France (in French)

Blog in English regarding having pets in France.

Resource about la puce electronic, or the electronic chip, that is necessary for all cats & dogs in France.