Summer has come, and gone! 9/20/12

Once again, I find myself shocked at how quickly 4 months passes! Since my last post for Cameroun, what a summer we have had! This is my fiancée's 4th and my 3rd summer in France, and FINALLY we have been able to profit from some breathing room!
He served for 2 months with the Patrouille Militaire (basically MPs with much less power), which was 2 days of work/2-3 days off. We definitely enjoyed every minute, as we got our French Level 3 and PADI Rescue Diver Certificates. In addition, thanks to "de bouche à oreille" (expression for "word of mouth") I was able to pick up 2 new great clients for English!
It really is remarkable to me the change in our whole perspective on life with the freedom of tenue civile, going to dinner in town and not worrying about a PM approaching us for meaningless reasons, and the gained respect he has received on base. It has taken a long time, but we are slowly making progress. It is wonderful! I have to implore you all, those considering joining, those who are already in, those who are family & friends.....if this is a decision you make, BE PATIENT. If he works hard and you both prioritize the Legion above even your own relationship for a time, it will pay off. Anyone can be a permanent grunt worker and spend the nights and weekends drinking on or off base, but being truly dedicated to Le Metier de Soldat de la Legion Étrangère, that will provide a completely different path for you.
Here are just a couple pictures of our scuba this summer (& the new tattoo for him!) I hope you enjoy them! We have had truly a great summer and are so excited for the future! Even though I am sometimes long in responding to your messages or comments,  please do not hesitate to write if you have questions or need advice! I've really enjoyed getting messages and hearing about how the Legion fits into your life.
Are there any topics about which you would like for me to write? I think I will do a post about joining, initial contract, regiment selection, etc, since many of you have questions about that. However, I'm always open to other ideas & questions.

Until the next time, Bonne Chance & Bonne Courage!