I'm being reminded of how great my life really is... 12/7/11

Ok, so I had a good birthday yesterday, complete with lesson planning (for teaching English in Calvi), a workout, and a delicious dinner. then i went to run an errand which should have taken 10 minutes and ended up locking my keys in my friend's apartment who is out-of-town on vacation for 2 weeks. Needless to say my night ended by climbing out a neighbor's apartment in order to climb into my own apartment and now I'm spending the day trying to find out how to avoid paying 300 euro to have the door opened. Of course these things happen not when Scott is here, but while he is on a plane to New Caledonia.....
And in the middle of it all, I had a realization. I appreciate so much the life I have here! I have a great apartment, friends (with dogs I get to watch LOL), and above all, an amazing husband and soldier! I think had this happened after he had been gone a month or two it would not have been such a big deal, but for me this whole situation just reminds me of how lonely I feel without him! However, the one thing I do not feel is hopeless  or helpless. I'm grateful to have people in town I can talk to, ask for help, and that I can understand and converse with people well enough to be able to help myself with he's not here. This has been one of the biggest ways that him being gone on stages the last two years has really helped me out, I have learned how to solve problems on my own, without freaking out too much LOL.
I read recently a post about planning for new years resolutions, and the question was something like "how do I compare to who I was this time last year?" I realized that last year, I would have had a total meltdown about this, tears and all LOL. This year, falling on my birthday no less, did bring a couple of tears to my eyes but nothing like last year. And isn't that what growth is all about? Realizing that I may never be perfect, but as long as I get better little by little?
So, I'm sitting here waiting for after the 2 hour lunch break so that I can go to the office and hope that I can get ahold of someone with a key. And instead of moping and thinking about all the things that are frustrating me in my day (namely that people are not working on my schedule - LOL I really am American), I am going to do some lesson planning, download some girlie movies, and enjoy another cup of coffee :)