Il y a longtemps! 5/1/12

Wow, has it been five months already! So much has happened since my last post! Scott went and returned from Nouvelle Caledonie, I went to see my Dad in Florida for Christmas, I moved us into a new apartment and have even added a couple of new tutoring clients!
The new apartment was quite an ordeal and I'll be updating you with that whole story....suffice it to say for now that I learned quite a bit about the rental process here. Trial by fire is how it usually happens for me! :)
We just had 3 weeks permission after Scott came back from New Caledonia. It was nice to spend it just entertaining and working out together for that time. I'm most excited about the permission we will hopefully get in June, we are planning an Eastern European trip.
Well, this weekend is Camerone, so I get to visit the regiment again today. Its a huge tradition in the French Foreign Legion. I encourage you to read the story of Legionnaires continuing to fight in the face of certain loss against the Mexican army. This is a great Wikipedia article about it:
As always, I welcome any questions or comments you have! Bonne journée!