Had to Share 10/18/13

Ok, its 12:05am and I just told a girl I wrote to that I was off to bed. However, I couldn't help sharing this little tid bit that came to mind. She basically asked me "Why is the FFL so great that guys from the US and Canada come all this way to join?" This was my response, I hope it helps you see them more clearly.
Why is the Legion great? That's a great question for your guy. It doesn't matter why anyone else thinks its great, it matters why HE thinks its great. Every Legionnaire has their reasons. Some talk about them, others dont. I will tell you that PSCs are hiring Legionnaires right out of 5 year contracts making GOOD money based on the reputation for the FFL training and combat readiness.
Good night and hope you all are well. I have a loooong story to tell you all about some abandoned puppies we found next to our parking lot. Needless to say, we'll be moving soon, because we're now a family of 2 adults and 3 furry babies ;) Next week is school vacation, so I'll try to get to it then!