Book Exchange/Give away in Calvi 6/3/2014

Hi everyone,
Over the last several years, I have met many anglophones here in Calvi and many have collected (preciously and carefully I might add!) several fiction and non-fiction books in English. Since these are a rarity to find here, especially if you do not have an Ipad to download E-books, it occurred to me today that maybe I can start a book exchange/give away.
I'm thinking I would post a list here on the blog of the books available and I can be a go-between if needed to share, borrow, or give away books. I'll be working on my list here in the next couple of weeks, so if you are interested in participating, please send me a private message at with your list of books (please also comment on this post so people know that there are book lenders/borrowers out there)! If you do not have any but are interested in borrowing books, just keep watching this post and I'll use this to communicate about books, etc.
Enjoy your day!