Bienvenue! Again! Originally published June 19, 2011

As I look back on my first year of living in France, and already full swing into enjoying my second summer in Calvi, I realized two things about my life now. First, that even after all my experience and schooling on reflecting on life as a means to growing and living authentically, I don't take nearly enough time to reflect on how people & experiences impact me. Secondly, as I was talking with a friend of mine recently, I realized I have a real desire to offer  something to people with whom I share an experience. So, that is the twofold purpose of this blog. I want people who read this to feel like they have gained understanding and learned from our experiences. I want to exchange advice & share what it's like to live this life. It is a once in a lifetime experience, and we both know we're going to pass our "rocking chair test" and I think for me sharing with women, family, and friends all over the world, our lives can be that much richer & fuller. 
Even as I write this I feel a little ridiculous. This feels like the most academic undertaking I have started in a very long time, and just the thought of this being public and open for others makes me uncomfortable. However, I believe if my experience/advice/random musings can be of some help to someone, then this undertaking has fulfilled its purpose. 
So, here goes! I hope you gain something from this and if nothing else, are encouraged to do something in your life that you always thought was impossible, or too radical, or too against the flow. As Orison Swett Marden said, "All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers."